La Michoacana Premium

Who we are

La Michoacana Premium is committed to our Brand Recognition. We pride ourselves in being categorized as a leader of Paleterias and Neverias with more than 68 locations nationwide offering “El Sabor de Nuestra Tradicion”. With a wide variety of rich authentic flavors from Tocumbo, Michoacán, Mexico our desserts are sure to bring forth nostalgic childhood memories to our patrons. We are currently open and operating an existing location in IL, CA, and TN. We are looking forward to entering the AZ, TX, and FL markets in 2018.

Where do we come from

 Tocumbo is a town located to the west of the state of Michoacán, which has around 12,000 inhabitants. In Mexico, it is known as the birthplace of the “ice palette” (popsicle ice cream) and La Michoacana, the paletería brand From the frozen palette that the platemaker Rafael Malfavón Andrade, known in the town as “El Arrapato”, began to produce in the late 30s, prosperity came to Tocumbo, one of the few populations far from poverty.

The history of paleterías La Michoacana dates back to the late 30s. The people of the town attributed the development of the first pallets to Rafael Malfavón Andrade, who went out to sell their snow in wooden boxes and onboard donkeys distributed to the populations near Tocumbo, according to the Moreliano historian Arturo Herrera.

Malfavón taught the trade to young people of the place. Among them one who remember as El Sardo. They say he was one of the first to leave the town to install a paleteria. But this is an uncertain story as the origin of the name of La Michoacana.

In Tocumbo they affirm that first, it was the emblem and then the name. They say that a young man who was called “El Pinabete”, drew “la guare”, called it La Michoacana and started using it in his business. 

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